The Lung / Christine Mackey

& Contexts:01 - Boyle Civic Art Collection

Exhibition continues until June 13th


Christine Mackey, The Lung  install image

Christine Mackey,The Lung install image

Christine Mackey,  The Lung,  film still

Christine Mackey,The Lung, film still

The 2015 Visual Arts programme for King House begins with an exhibition titled The Lung by Christine Mackey, running parallel with Contexts:01, an exhibition of works from the Boyle Civic Art Collection that respond to Christine’s work. Mackey’s work involved an engagement with students from St. Nathys College and local publics. This process led to the publication of BACKLANDS a fold-out map devised through a series of inventive strategies for exploring the town of Ballaghaderreen. Through this ‘logging’ process, Mackey has developed an installation work using materials including ceramic tiles, sewage piping and aluminium that relates to an abandoned outdoor swimming pool in the ‘Lung’ townland. This work explores The Lung as a multi-facet site; a pre-historic boundary, tributary river of the Shannon, site of a water power dam and abandoned swimming pool. A site with the powerful force of the river as a memory field, marker of historic potentials and social container.

BACKLANDS Commissioned by the Property Registration Department in 

Roscommon and managed by the OPW, Dublin.


Colin Martin,  Bather , 2007

Colin Martin, Bather, 2007

Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2015, the Boyle Civic Art Collection is unique in that it was formed through funds generated from sales during the annual Boyle Arts Festival. It’s civic role is fulfilled through the community acting as custodians of the collection, presenting it in public spaces from retirement homes to schools. The Collection is regarded as one of the most comprehensive of its kind, containing seminal works by many of Ireland’s leading artists.

The works displayed in the Long Gallery present a new narrative of the Boyle Civic Art Collection, bringing together works that connect to the thematic contexts in The Lung by Christine Mackey.

Mackey’s work involved mapping and logging strategies as a means of exploring a location. Using the notion of naturally defined boundaries, she explores “The Lung” townland with the river acting as “a memory field”.